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1. LED Lights Market Growth: Due to the oversupply position in the LED industry, LEDs normal prices drowned. LED inside calculates the global high brightness LED market value in 2017 will increase at an incremental rate of 2.5% to US $18.52 billion. Even though lighting demands triggered LED usage volume growth, amusingly the increasingly energy efficient LEDs are reducing usage volume. Additionally, LEDs still are under endless pressure to further lower prices. Based on these information, LEDinside projects in the next five years the LED industry gained Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is unlikely to reach more than 10% in the future.

2. LED Parts Price Drop: LED backlight market need fell short of expectations, which caused drifting ASP of LED chips and LED package. This trend has been markedly noticed during second half of 2016, when LED chip and package prices strongly dropped to the point that many LED chip and package spec costing are now very near to material costs. Many manufacturers have acquired losses as a result. Even though manufacturers in the LED industry are feeling pressured to lower prices in the short term, in the future there will be small room for further LED price cuts. This can be explained by the expanding number of manufacturers withdrawing from the market in the near future, as LED prices is limited to manufacturing costs and reduce companies’ profitability.

3. Change Of Policy In China: Over the last decade, the Chinese government widely supported the local LED industry through bigger financial subsidies, incentives, and assets to improve domestic LED companies manufacturing capacity. China has turned into the world’s largest LED lighting manufacturing base, but native manufacturers are still very dependent on international manufacturers for some upstream MOCVD equipment and materials. Therefore, future Chinese policies will boost innovation, and target on upstream raw materials, for example wide bandgap semiconductor development, or smart lighting applications following the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT).

4. Big Revolution in Automotive Sector: LED automotive lighting advancements have eventually shifted from higher class car models to mid to higher class car models. Laser lights are expected to complete the space left by LED lights in the high class car model divisions, but since automotive laser supplies are only available in little quantity it will be applied in specific car brands and car models. It is hoped the generation of laser car lights will escalate to more car models.

In extension, flexible driving beam are an emerging trend. flexible driving beam headlights control semiconductor that are integrated in the LED headlight, shutting off particular lighting beam area, which stops glaring issue from arriving vehicles. flexible driving beam headlights grant both high brightness and security at the same time and has become one of the main highlighted developments for each manufacturer

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