Technology is destroying public health as more people spend time focusing on a point two feet in front of them which is their computer monitor. You might not think of your lifestyle has changed as you work in an office like everyone else, but the fact is that you are most likely living a sedentary life because of the hours you sit at your desk every single day and that can be harmful to your health in a long term.

People tend to think that office environments are not very hazardous. However, hazards do exist in the office and people are forcing their bodies to work under this environment. So, how to eliminate or avoid potential occupational health and safety hazards in offices? There are two key points:

If you’re moving to a new office, updating existing furniture, or expanding, Impress Office Furniture can help plan your office layout, supply, deliver and even set up the right equipment for your staff to do the job in comfort.

1. Looking for the correct office furniture

One of the main occupational health problem faced by office workers is the lower quality of officefurniture such as chairs and accessories for a computer workstation. By using those chairs and computer workstations can cause Injuries to muscles, bones, joints and nerves. If your chair is not having a fully adjustable seat and it can leads to initial discomfort, fatigue, pain and possibly long-term injury. So, people need a good desk chair which can accommodate different types of human bodies and positions.

2. Using appropriate lighting system to avoiding eyestrain and eye irritation

One of the biggest cause in stressing eyes is bad lighting, usually is too much or inappropriate lighting on or around the computer screen. Therefore, people should first decide which patterns of light you want in the space, and the type of colour and brightness. (picture)

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