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You might be asking yourself a question what kind of difference it can make... Are office chairs just chairs right? Well, it's not simple. First of all, people who sit on the chair to work for the long duration of time run a high risk of low-back injury. Also, the final number of work days loss and the costing of each back injury are going up and up.

Second, as global economies move over to knowledge based work, more people are sitting down on the workplace than ever before. In fact, right now you are probably reading this blog at your job place, and obviously you are sitting down. In the latest study, some famous researchers did study on movements of 50 office workers for a combined total of 180 hours. As in group, all workers spent 92 % of their time sitting in an office chair.

Finally, people in all office are doing work that has been thoroughly effected by the computer. They mostly sit on the chair and don't get up often, because all the information they need they get on their computer. And with much of the information “handled” on screen, they have less changes in their work and very less reasons to work far from the computer.

That's why choosing a perfect office chair is as much important as your important office work. To choose a chair you must keep some aspects in your mind which must match your chair. here we giving one list of major points you should keep in your mind when you select office chairs.

1.It Must Be Comfortable Sitting in a comfortable chair is everyone’s dream and it will be of satisfaction. comfy office chairs will always generate positive vibes on the health. Otherwise, if you daily sit in a damaged chair, you will sure get massive body pain sooner or later.

2. Focus Issues. Once you will have comfort issues, this can also result in the lack of focus — instead of focusing on the important work, you may be caring more about your body pain and keep saying that you are not able to work well.

3. cheerful Atmosphere. As we said before, office chairs disappear into the work environment. Eye catching design will attract client's attention and so on their own their visiting ratio will increase, even if they don't have anything to do with business.

Here at Impress Office Furniture we take care of all the above-mentioned factors. we design Office Chairs which are comfortable in all the ways and help you stay away from any kind of body pain.

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