Reception sofa is critical to any businesses as it is the face of a company and it tells to your visitors what the company is all about. The correct choice of reception sofa can help convey your business idea to your customers. In Impress Office Furniture we would like to help people to select the right reception sofa that will make the best first impression.

leather reception sofa perth


When buying leather sofa, people are easily overlook the size of it as most of customers are focusing on the colour and design of it. However, size does matter as it can makes your reception area either too crowded or too loose.

reception sofa perth


Reception sofa is mainly for business purpose so that it needs to be the top quality. Leather sofa can be a wise choice for any companies as it is associated with the top line product and nothing can compare with it when it comes to impress others.

reception sofa perth


People nowadays are paying more attention to practical functionality over fashion trend. Leather sofas are different from fabric ones, they can survive under extreme condition such as cuts and tears.

reception sofa perth


Under normal condition, leather sofas are expensive than other standard office furniture. However, leather sofas can last much longer which ultimately save people’s money and better appearance compare to fabric sofas. More importantly, leather sofas have no health concern which is benefits those people who have allergies.

reception sofa perth

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