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Are you thinking about buying some office chairs? if you are then you must have proper knowledge about what kind of chair will be most suitable for your need. Because office chairs aren't just a piece of furniture but it has its own importance. Before you chose chairs you should consider all the factors and functions you will get in those chairs. Some chairs comes with height adjustment function but not backrest adjustment. Some have armrest and backrest adjustment function but if it doesn't have wheels then it won't be easy to move. So u can see there are many factors, so let's look at some major types of office chairs so you can select the suitable chairs for your office.

Office Chairs Perth

Executive Chairs:

These chairs are also known as boss’s chair because it's most expensive compared to other chairs. It comes with all the functions like you can adjust armrest, backrest and also height as per your need. It has the highest backrest compared to others. Also it comes with strong wheels which allow you to move chair 360 degrees. It has thick layers of polyurethane foam and also padded armrests and whole leather material with soft foams. So overall these chairs got all the facilities suitable for top level executives.

Guest Chairs Perth

Guest Chairs:

All companies and business need this type of chairs for their office or workplace. It's not necessary for these chairs to have functions like backrest and height adjustment, neither it has wheels. But still, it must be comfortable because that's where your customers will sit and wait for their turn.

Stacking Chairs Perth

These chairs are specially made for crowded rooms or for the small offices which have large staff. Its main purpose is to accommodate extra guests when you are out of chairs. It comes in lots of designs and colors with different materials. It comes without wheels but still its very lightweight and easy to move anywhere, Also its very easy to store in any corner due to its design.

Conference Chairs Perth

Conference Chairs:

It's also known as boardroom chairs. These chairs are specifically designed for meetings. Mostly these chairs aren't moveable and adjustable. Since meetings are all about just speaking and listening more than regular kind of office work, its main function is to keep a person comfortable while he sit straight constantly during meeting. Although some of these has wheels for mobility.

Ergonomic Chairs Perth

Ergonomic Chairs:

This chair provides amazing back support. Its specially designed and ideal for those who suffers from back pain or spinal issues because it comes with high and adjustable backrest and also great support for the lower back area. Some of this also comes with adjustable headrest support. Although even if you don't have any of these problems you can still use it to have a comfortable sitting.

Task Chairs Perth

Task Chairs:

This is the most popular type of office chairs. It has a most common basic design with casters and wheels at the bottom for you to feel mobility and also it comes with superb revolve mechanism which allows you to move yourself to any side without moving your body. These are chairs you will find common in all workplace because it's also affordable in price.

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